Myanmar visa for Indians – online, in three simple steps!

With the end of military rule, Myanmar is opening up for tourists. Myanmar visa for Indians has become simplified (unless you are using the Stillwell Road located in India’s Northeast to travel into the country). I was offered different opinions about obtaining a visa for Myanmar and predominant of them was to approach a travel agent. However, a friend suggested that starting September, Myanmar has introduced an evisa system. I googled up and landed in the Myanmar ministry of immigration and population page and applied online. In less than a week, I received an email with the pre-approval letter. That’s how simple it is to obtain Myanmar visa for Indians (although I am sure this applies to all nationalities too).

Here’s how I did it.

Step 1) Go to and click the ‘Apply for EVISA NOW’ link.

Login page
Login page

Step 2): Fill in the form. There is a fee of USD50 for tourist visa. Right now the only port of entry is Yangon. You cannot fly directly to Yangon from Indian cities. You will have to fly via KL or Bangkok.

Step 2: Fill in the details
Step 2: Fill in the details

As soon as your application process is over, you will be sent the confirmation and reference number. You can track your status online.

Step 3): Wait for the visa pre-approval letter.

Myanmar visa pre-approval letter
Myanmar visa pre-approval letter


Bagan, Central Myanmar - Pic:
Bagan, Central Myanmar – Pic:

Are you travelling to Myanmar anytime soon? I am. Tell me what shouldn’t I miss in Myanmar. It’d be nice to hear from you, oh elusive reader 🙂



3 thoughts on “Myanmar visa for Indians – online, in three simple steps!

  1. Hello and kudos for creating this wonderful space – its minimalist, easy on the eyes, informative (though more of practical advice would be desirable) and most of all, reflective (in the posts that you choose to open up about yourself). I don’t know how you’re doing it after quitting your job and sure hope it turns out well as far as the finances go. Without painting yet any stereotype and refraining from whining about how thoughts of doing something similar (if not in the same field) cross my mind with more regularity and intensity as I get older (I’m 32), I would like to say that you must have some balls and strong conviction in your writing skills to have done what you did. The published work indeed reflects that quality and I wish you the sincerest best to continue the journey, bumps and all.

    The livemint article on Kalaw mentioned some information about only 3 government approved hotels in Kalaw. There is a pdf on the Myanmar tourism website which does list “hotels” but not guesthouses. As part of an upcoming 2-week budget independent trip to Myanmar in September, I was wondering if you could please help with how to find guesthouses which are government-approved and preferably, support online booking. I’ve dropped a mail to the Myanmar tourism website a mail on the same but would also benefit from your experience in case you have more insight on this. The accommodation on hostelworld/agoda/ don’t have any plaques/signs listed on their pages about government approvals.

    1. Hello,
      Thanks a lot for writing in Vijay. I will keep you posted (through posts) if I go broke or make a lot of money as I continue with my travels 😉
      About Myanmar, the LiveMint article was about Katha, no? Not Kalaw. Kalaw has a lot of guesthouses, you don’t even have to pre-book. Just land up and look for a good hostel/guesthouse/hotel. But Katha has had only three guesthouses when I travelled. Things change all the time in Myanmar and I don’t know if Katha has opened up for tourists now. Also, I went to Katha because I had a specific interest (to visit the village where George Orwell lived for sometime). There is nothing much to do there other than a literary pilgrimage of sorts. Anyway, I don’t remember off the top of my head the name of the hotel I stayed in in Katha. I am sure it is available on the Lonely Planet website (their guidebook is incredibly useful to get yourself oriented about Myanmar). Why don’t you drop me an email about your plans and I can tell you what I did and how it can be helpful for you. Here’s to happy travels 🙂 Prathap

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