Published Work

I have kind of sort of stopped updating this page. To view my clips, head here:

Though the blog started out as a way of collating all my published work, I realized it is better if everything is in one page. So here it is.

1) The Hindu

a) Apricot from Turtuk and other stories, September 2011

b) Two wheels and a will, November 2013

c) Survivors of Time, December 2013

d) For the Love of Basil, May 2014

e) Thai Noodles, European Style, July 2014

f) Chunks of Nourishment, August 2014

g) Night songs from the Hanakon forests, August 2014

h) Millet meal in a pot, September 2014

i) Enamoured by the curry, January 2015

j) Myanmar, April 2015

2) The New Indian Express

a) Taking the High Road, August 2013

b) The village of revelations, October 2013

c) The river sutra of Olaulim, December 2013

d) Beside the sea, sleeping, April 2014

e) The bridge to nowhere, May 2014

f) On the edge, by a river, July 2014

g) Vertigo of Happiness, August 2014

3) Deccan Herald

a) Pedals and pachyderm, April 2014

b) Knights of anti-poaching, July 2014

c) Adventure meets peace, August 2014

4) Jetwings

a) Birds of Paradise, October 2013

b) Coast of many colors, February 2014

c) Tales from the high mountain, July 2014

5) Discover India

a) Rush, June 2014

b) Destinations to find your freedom and yourself, August 2014

6) Saevus

a) Lessons in the forest, July 2014

7) My author page at The Alternative can be viewed here.

8) Caravan

a) Pickled Profits, September 2014

9) Mint

a) Inside a village of legend, August 2014

b) Quite flows the Irrawady, January 2015

c) Kapu, Karnataka, March 2015

10) Outside In Literary Magazine

a) A Transitory Escape



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